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Handheld Universal GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi Signal Jammer | MONSTRO 10

MONSTRO 10 is a jammer that will surely block all the possible wireless threats. It works well against GSM eavesdropping, GPS/GLONASS tracking and Wi-Fi. That jamming device will make sire that you won't need any other blocker!

Portable All Cellular Networks 2G, 3G, 4G Signal Jammer | G5

G5 is the device that will be able to block all the connections of the latest smartphone such as iPhone 5, HTC Droid and Nokia Lumia. All cellular networks will be blocked around you in any country. Enjoy the silence!

Powerful And Adjustable Desktop High-End Signal Blocker | RCJ40-D

RCJ40-D is the device for people, who know what they want. Its flexibility and high working range make him to be the best device among desktop jammers. It will make sure that you are free and secured form the frequencies you've chosen him to block!

Handheld And Powerful GSM, 3G Networks Signal Jammer | SFC15

SFC15 is the device that works with the most widely spread cellular networks. It will not only block those jib-jabbers, but also secure you from tracking. SFC15 is a portable and very reliable device, which is totally worth its price!

Portable And Reliable Cellular 2G, 3G Networks Jamming Device | PMT20

PMT20 is the jammer that will make you free from those rude mobile phone users, tracking and GSM eavesdropping bugs as well as hidden wireless 3G cameras. This PMT20 is a portable, but really powerful devices with blocking range of 40 feet.

Mobile gadgets are the most quickly developing sector of the modern economy. Those devices are coming to us really fast and it is really hard to keep up with them. There are new types of mobile gadgets that are coming to our markets monthly and sometimes even weekly. Now you cannot impress anyone with a new smartphone or a tablet, they are now necessary for work and socialization. Mobile gadgets that use wireless data transmissions give us lots of advantages and make our life easier and for more convenient. But some of those technologies can be harmful or even used against us.

Mobile phones for example. They are giving us a possibility to communicate at huge distances, to connect the internet and look for the necessary information. But on the other hand there are people who are overusing those devices. I’m talking about those rude cell phone users, which simply cannot imagine that other people are annoyed with them discussing their personal problems in a really loud voice. Those people are the main reason of that those jamming technologies are so popular among the modern society.

Smartphones can also be harmful. Statistics tells us that those mobile gadgets are involved in more than 60% of car accidents worldwide. Using smartphones while driving lowers your braking and maneuvering reactions very much. That means that you will react on the changes on road really slower and it may really result in a car accident. So that’s another reason for those mobile jamming devices to be popular.

Another reason for those mobile phones blockers are really popular is that that you can avoid tracking with those small gadgets. Your mobile phone can really be tracked and it is easy to achieve and really cheap as well. That technique is called cell phone tower triangulation and is based on your cell phone’s CCID. If someone will know your CCID he will have a possibility to track you location between three closest to you base stations. That tracking method gives exact results in big cities, because there are lots of cell towers there. The results are poor in rural areas.

Another reason many people are interested in RF blocking technologies is that they are afraid of eavesdropping. The easiest way to organize it is to purchase a GSM bug. That bug will work wherever the GSM coverage is, it is really small and consumes little energy so those devices are pretty autonomous and convenient. They are pretty user friendly to, so you won’t have to be a rocket scientist to operate them.

You should know that this frequency blocking technology was invented and developed by military forces of many countries and those little jamming devices were used in defensive purposes. Their military implementation is pretty wide in the war with terrorists. Military jamming devices were used in the conflict in Egypt, in the war in Iraque and Afghanistan. They are pretty good at blocking the IEDs, triggered with RF signal or a simple phone call. Implementation of those jamming devices is pretty wide and they are for defense, so use those mobile phone blockers with caution and responsibility.